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Kyle Wiggers is a senior staff writer at VentureBeat who will be joining TechCrunch on March 28. Wiggers specializes in artificial intelligence and is based in New York City. He has previously been an SEO editor at Fatherly and worked at XDA Developers and Digital Trends. He graduated from Ohio University.

Kyle Wiggers

Artificial intelligence startup Nayya raises $11M Series A led by Felicis Ventures. The company uses AI to help employees navigate work environments. Wiggers’ writing has been published at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Digital Trends, and various gadget blogs. He lives in Brooklyn, New lpllive York with his partner. He also dabbles in piano.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for a computer to perform tasks, learn, and make decisions based on data provided to it. In contrast to humans, AI applications can be trained to eliminate confounding variables, which can obscure a human’s judgment. This means that AI applications xekdq can help humans by providing advice and information on a wide range of situations.

Although AI is still in its early stages, many new companies are developing AI solutions to tackle specific challenges. For example, some are developing products aimed at casual computer users, while others are geared toward developers and are integrated into existing software. As such, there are dozens of products available in the market today. This is an indication of how far AI is becoming a critical component of our daily lives.

AI can also be used to design new drugs, but this process can be difficult. Traditional computers are too slow to detect small changes in the shape of neuronal cells. In these cases, AI can help identify drugs that will work best. Moreover, AI can be used for drug repurposing purposes, too. For instance, Bayer is exploring AI applications for clinical trials. By using information from medical databases, the company can create a virtual control group and identify drugs with the highest success rates.

Nayya is currently in beta and working with a range of companies to test its platform. The company plans to launch its platform commercially in the second quarter of 2018. The company also recently secured seed funding from Felicis Ventures. The money will help the startup grow its team and expand its product.

Another startup focusing on AI is Atomwise. This company wants to improve drug discovery by using AI. Its robots will provide automated advice to doctors and nurses, saving them both time and effort. It will also save nurses’ time and provide faster answers to patients.

Machine learning algorithms use a statistical model to make predictions. This statistical model is usually very accurate, but its accuracy depends on the size of the training data it has been trained on. It also often fails when put in new environments and situations.

Health insurance

Health insurance for millennials is a growing trend, and with this growing market, it is vital that health insurance providers offer a more personalized and intelligent service to their customers. The platform Nayya offers can help people make better health insurance choices and manage their benefits more efficiently. The company closed a $11M Series A funding round from Felicis Ventures and others, including Guardian Life, the largest mutual life insurance company in the US. Additionally, the company has received funding from Unum Business Ventures and Cameron Ventures. With this funding round, the company plans to accelerate the development of its platform, partner with more healthcare providers and extend its connected data footprint.

Nayya leverages billions of datasets from the insurance and healthcare industries to help consumers choose the right personalized benefit plans. Its partners include insurance carriers and benefit administrators. In addition, Nayya has partnerships with some of the largest brokerage firms in the country. It also works with the leading voluntary benefits division of Acrisure.

Choosing a health plan

If you’re looking for health insurance solutions, you may want to consider Nayya, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide employees through the process of choosing a health plan. The company has raised $11 million in a series A round led by Felicis Ventures. Its platform uses connected data to help manage benefits for businesses and individuals.

The AI platform will ask employees about their habits, where they work, and what type of medications they take. It will then present different health plans offered by different employers. As it can be built and scaled without a significant amount of coding, it is easy to use and Huay-online govern.

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