A Detailed Overview of the Godseal System in Revelation Online

Revelation Online, a MMORPG, has a distinct type of play which is enhanced by the Godseal System. This system provides an extra layer of strategy and expertise to the game.

One may ask: what is the Godseal System?

Revelation Online has recently released a new system known as the Godseal System. This system grants players the ability to use a distinct set of active skills through the addition of Godseal slots. By equipping these slots with different Godseals, players can access unique effects in their gameplay.

Deciding on the Appropriate Divine Signatures

The impact of the divine imprints will depend on the battle situation of the player. Thus, the three slots that are available for the divine imprints must be used with caution. For example, the “endless vitality” imprint is a good choice for the Linglong and Liuguang professions, who possess healing abilities. This is because the amount of healing given by the skill is determined by the healing power of the player. Conversely, the imprint “fight for supremacy” can be used by all professions, whether they are there for damage, healing, or tanking.

For auxiliary professions, it is commonly suggested to use the “moving the stars” imprint. On the other hand, output professions should bring it when engaging in PVP. As for the “free and unrestrained” imprint, it is suitable for all professions and is suggested for PVP since it increases the player’s capacity to escape and pursue. Because the positions of the divine imprints are necessary to enable extra abilities, players need to select the correct position in accordance to their battle scenario.

Development of the Divine Imprints

The divine imprints have characteristics that can be equipped and four secondary traits that can be unlocked when the imprint reaches a certain level. Players are able to refine these secondary qualities by using the imprint’s material pieces and the “Falling Star Sand” experience item. When refining the imprint, players can prevent certain attributes from being eliminated by locking them, although this will need more items.

An advancement from Divine Imprints is now available.

Divine imprints can be augmented by using Falling Star Sand. This will open up more secondary attributes and boost the imprint’s rating. Falling Star Sand is typically earned through the divine imprint’s battle, star-rated chest rewards, and campaign support gifts. As the imprint’s level rises, the strength of the secondary attributes will increase as well.

The divine bestowment of Blessing from Imprints.

Every divine imprint has a rating, and when a player cultivates a specific divine imprint to a given rating, the connected attribute blessing is unlocked. An illustration of this is when the divine imprint reaches 1175, the attribute blessing associated with 750 rating will activate. These attribute blessings are automatically effective when they are enabled, so no additional equipment is necessary. However, since players may not have many resources at the beginning, it is suggested that they cultivate their primary divine imprints first.

The Revealing of Divine Imprints

In order to unseal their divine imprints, players must obtain the appropriate unsealing materials, such as Star Shift, Sky Select, Incarnation, and Free and Unrestrained. Upon unsealing, a new imprint will be randomly allocated to one of the three slots and be assigned a one to six-star rating. If the assigned rating is lower than the player’s current divine imprint, the imprint will be disassembled and the number of materials obtained will depend on the rating of the unsealed divine imprint. Conversely, if the rating is higher than the current divine imprint, it will take the place of the existing one.

Unsealing materials can be acquired through divine imprints’ battles and Qingqin guard battles. Rewards can be obtained for completing levels in the divine imprints’ battle, as well as from the territory war points shop. It is pertinent to be aware that the divine imprints battle has a limited stamina of 180, with each challenge expending 20 stamina. Players can gain 5 stamina per hour, so it is essential to use the stamina efficiently to avoid spendthrift.

Participation in the Divine Imprint Battle Contract has become a way to acquire divine imprint unsealing materials. This event grants players materials fragments, divine imprint unsealing materials, and falling stars sand, which are all necessary for upgrading divine imprints. The Battle Contract has three difficulty levels: Consultation, Strong Enemy and Decisive Battle. Each of these difficulties have 30 levels, and players have to finish all the levels in a certain difficulty before being able to progress to the next one.

Players who take on the divine imprint bosses or amass the requisite stars in the Divine Imprint Battle Contract can gain additional unsealing material fragments. Additionally, those who finish their first challenge can receive daily boss rewards, one of which is a divine imprint box that contains unsealing material fragments.

Each Divine Imprint Battle adversary’s boosts fluctuate with the levels of difficulty, providing the players with six chances to recharge them. The first three refills are free, however, the remaining three need binding jade that must be acquired. Consequently, gamers must use their resources wisely and contemplate their options cautiously.

Finally, divine imprints can increase a player’s power by up to 15 times, giving them a significant advantage. Consequently, they can try to level up their divine imprints to make their chances of success in the battle more likely.

The Final Word

The Godseal system in Revelation Online has a major influence. It is a major part of the game and needs players to commit time and energy to comprehend it all. To gain a better concept of the Godseal system, players can look up a range of tutorials accessible on the web. Furthermore, the Redfinger Android emulator is an advantageous learning platform to practice and sharpen one’s abilities in the Godseal system.

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