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Business Utilities UK is an independent commercial comparison site that makes it easier to compare utility bills in the UK. Its comprehensive and unbiased database includes information on Gas, Electricity, Water, Internet and more. With just a few clicks, you can find the best utility deal for your business.


Business Utilities UK is an impartial commercial comparison service. They can help you compare utility bills from different providers. Its simple, straightforward interface lets you quickly see how much each company charges for service. 


If you run a business and are interested in reducing your business utility costs, Business Utilities UK can help. They offer an impartial commercial comparison service that will help you compare commercial utility bills from different providers.


Many business utilities offer a flexible rate structure for water. Rates may be based on the size of the meter, and can be set at various amounts. These fees reflect the costs associated with providing the service. These costs include the cost of chemical treatment and energy to move the water from source to point of use.


The House of Lords, the upper house of the UK parliament, has recently called for reclassifying internet access as a public utility. They argue that the UK is falling behind other countries when it comes to universal and high-speed internet access. This could negatively impact the UK’s ability to compete in the global digital economy.


Energy customers in Britain may be able to claim hundreds of millions of pounds from their energy companies after a European Commission investigation uncovered a cartel among several cable sellers. The European Commission found that the companies were overpaying for underwater and high-voltage cables and passing those costs on to consumers. These findings are likely to affect energy companies in Britain, and lawyers are hoping to make their case. The case will be taken to a competition appeal tribunal, and could result in compensation for energy customers.


Telephone services for business can come with a variety of features and options. Some are easy to manage with an intuitive dashboard, while others have more advanced capabilities. Some offer E911 dialing and premium features such as video conferencing and CRM integration. Other features include caller analytics, which can help you track the duration of calls over time. You can also view all incoming and outgoing calls by extension.

Trash collection

Businesses can save a lot of money by implementing waste management solutions. However, businesses must be aware of the costs associated with commercial trash collection. These services can cost anywhere from four to five percent of a company’s turnover.

Citizens Advice

The latest report on Citizens Advice for business utilities has come under fire from Utilita for misrepresenting their customer complaint performance. The organisation’s spokesperson said the star rating table did not accurately reflect the nature of its business and the level of service provided to its customers.

Bills Utility Hub

If you’re a business owner looking to cut the cost of your utilities, Bills Utility Hub can help you do just that. With their Bill Negotiator Tool, they’ll be able to negotiate the best rates from your vendors, ensuring you pay the least amount possible. You can also use their service to track the status of your utility bills and make payments online.

UD Group

UD Group has entered the commercial utilities market in the UK through its subsidiary Water Plus, which is the UK’s largest business water retailer. Water Plus was formed through the merger of United Utilities and Severn Trent’s B2B divisions in 2016. The new company will offer a range of commercial water services for businesses. The move is part of the UD Group’s efforts to increase competition in the water market following deregulation in 2017.

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