Can You Microwave CBD Vape Juice?


Cannabidiol, i.e., CBD, has taken the cannabis market by storm due to its varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits. CBD has also spread its reach in various sectors: gummies, tinctures, cream, oil, skincare, etc.

Vaping is considered a prominent alternative to smoking. However, when infused with the magical CBD, the benefits significantly multiply as it helps in intaking CBD in a much more effective and faster fashion.

Vaping can sometimes need patience and create a tasty experience to its most actual potential. Steeping can be highly beneficial. This article will help you explore how you can steep your CBD Vape Juice at, i.e., Microwaving and enjoying its benefits to the fullest.

CBD – What is It?

You would have probably heard about the famous cannabis plant, primarily because of its capability to make you feel ‘high.’ However, a lot has been unearthed about its lengthy listing of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Cannabis is home to various cannabinoids, which have multiple physical, mental, and emotional effects on the body.

The most active compound of the cannabis plant is Tetrahydrocannabinol, i.e., THC, which entails various psychoactive compounds that make you go all high. However, CBD stands on a different footing despite being one of the most active compounds of the cannabis plant as it lacks the presence of such psychoactive compounds, and thus its consumption would not make you feel all ‘high.’

It is owing to this unique nature of CBD and its varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits like dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, pain, sleep-related issues, skincare, etc. CBD has attained immense popularity over the years, which is apparent because the CBD market is expected to hit USD 47.22 Billion by 2028 from USD 4.9 Billion in 2021, thus rising at an astonishing CAGR of 21.3%.

Another explanation for the growing favor of CBD products is the wide range of options available in which CBD can be consumed, i.e., in the form of gummies, tincture, cream, oil, vape juice, etc.

Primarily CBD is of three types, i.e., full-spectrum CBD has all the essential cannabinoids and traces of THC, thus giving you a wholesome experience where you can enjoy the entourage effect owing to the presence of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD contains various cannabinoids. However, it lacks any trace of THC, thus offering a sort of balanced experience wherein you can enjoy significant benefits of CBD without worrying about the presence of THC and CBD Isolate, which is the purest form of CBD.

CBD Vape Juice – The Faster Way

Smoking is considered one of the most harmful practices to health and one of the most difficult to quit. However, vapes turned out to be one of the most effective alternatives to cigarettes.

These are easy, convenient, cool, and one of the most efficient ways of CBD intake. CBD Vape Juice is an e-liquid also known as vaping liquid, e-cigarette juice, etc., which is used in various battery-powered devices like vapes, cartridges, e-cigarette juice, e-liquid, etc.

The Vape Juice has these ingredients primarily-

  1. Vegetable Glycerine- It is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oil. It ensures proper thickness to the vapor and the juice, which in turn helps in the creation of dense vapor clouds.
  2. Propylene Glycol is an odorless, colorless liquid responsible for ensuring even distribution of taste and flavor of vape juice and gives that additional ‘throat sensation’ you usually experience while smoking.
  3. Terpene- People use these sometimes, adding flavor and aroma to these vape juice.
  4. Water
  5. Flavoring

CBD Vape juice is one the fastest ways of CBD Consumption as they directly enter your bloodstream through the lungs instead of going all over your digestive tract, which happens in the case of other methods of CBD consumption.

Vaping using CBD Vape juice has the highest percentage of bioavailability, the amount of substance that has gone into your bloodstream than the amount of meaning you have intaken. Through vaping CBD, you can enjoy bioavailability as high as 70%.

Microwaving CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape juice has various ingredients, and there may be a possibility that these ingredients might not have mixed well, or they might have settled down, or they need some more time to mature.

Steeping the CBD vape juice is similar to letting wine age, giving time for spices to settle in a stew or curry. It helps make the CBD vape juice flavors more potent and profound and thus ultimately enhance your steeping experience.

Generally, steeping involves:

  • Shaking it to mix it properly.
  • Exposing it to air for oxidation.
  • Heating the vape juice.

There are mixed methods in which you can steep your CBD vape juice. It can be simply placing the e-liquid in a cool, dark place for around 6-14 days, shaking it every day, and occasionally opening it to let airspeed up the oxidation process.

It can also be keeping CBD vape juice in a deep bowl with warm water, removing it when it cools to room temperature, and then shaking them well. You can even use an electric dryer, place vape juice in a container filled with warm water, take the cap off the bottles, let them stay till the water is calm, and then shake it well after removing it from the container.

Microwaving the CBD vape juice is the simplest and faster method for steeping. You have to position it in the microwave for 5-7 seconds, remove the lid, and let it breathe. Post that, you can again close the lid and shake it well. You must ensure that CBD vape juice is in a microwavable bottle and not simple plastic.

This microwaving would help the molecules to heat up and interact with each other and thus speed up the steeping process. Another method to steep the CBD vape juice is to fill a microwavable bowl with uncooked rice and place the bowl in the microwave to let it heal. Then cover the CBD vape juice bottle with rice, check when the rice is excellent, and repeat till you think the CBD vape juice is ready. You have to uncap the bottle, let it breathe, and then cap it and shake it well.


Steeping the CBD Vape juice would help age the e-juice and mix the vegetable glycol and propylene glycol base the flavoring. It would help you experience the vape juice to its true potential, thus enhancing the overall vaping experience.

You can microwave your CBD vape juice to enhance its flavors and help to steep. However, you must ensure that the bottle you place in the microwave is microwavable and is not ordinary plastic which would ruin the CBD vape juice and the process. Additionally, ensure that you don’t keep the CBD Vape juice for more than 10 seconds in the microwave in a single go, as it can affect the quality of your CBD Vape juice.

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