Expand the Efficiency of a Vehicle Auto Shop

Using technology to streamline tasks and eliminate paperwork are some ways to improve the efficiency of your vehicle auto shop. Fully wireless multi-point inspections allow technicians to do more work in less time. Additionally, they can easily store jobs and recommended services to save time. Lastly, automate your appointment scheduling to see who will be in the shop next. The software also prints out stickers for windshields and automates follow-up. It’s the ultimate time saver.

Before you try to improve the efficiency of your vehicle auto shop, first analyze the methods you use to track the time and costs associated with the work. For example, you can measure how long it takes to find a specific part, as time is money. Moreover, you can reduce costs by using rebuilt components or remanufactured parts. Lastly, limit the number of repairs your mechanics perform. Review repair histories to see if there is a pattern of repairs or parts that need a replacement.

After you have identified the issues, you can decide what changes to make to increase your profitability. One way to do this is to implement a production management system. You need to make sure your staff has bought in to the concept and knows the importance of measurement. You should also measure productivity. Many shops blame technicians for inefficiency, but this is not the case. Instead, start by looking at your processes and your staff.



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