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Hiber raises $15M to launch a platform that enables users to create and share their own user-generated content. The company says its audience has already created more than one million experiences. These include speed-run challenges, playgrounds, interactive science museums, pixel art shows, and virtual worlds. Hiber enables users to create and share these experiences within minutes, incorporating social features into them. Its mission aligns with user-generated content (UGC) and the growing creation economy.

Minecraft is a competitor for user-generated games

Hiber, a Swedish UGC platform, has raised $15M in Series A funding. The new investment will help Hiber scale its business and grow its user base. The company launched its first game, HiberWorld, in 2017 and now focuses on mobile UGC.

Hiber enables people to create and publish user-generated games on the web. Its audience has created over one million experiences. These include virtual playgrounds, speed-run challenges, interactive science museums, pixel art showcases, and more. With Hiber, users can create and share their experiences in minutes. They can also interact with other users and engage in social features.

Hiber has raised $15 million from investors including EQT Ventures. Its board will include EQT Ventures partner Lars Jornow, who previously worked at King and was chief marketing officer of Discord. Other investors include Bumble Ventures, CMT Digital, and Luminar Ventures. Hiber plans to use the money to upgrade the Metaverse platform and roll out its proprietary next-gen 3D engine.

Hiber is a Swedish company that makes it easy for people to create user-generated games. It’s at the crossroads of connected devices, artificial intelligence, and creator-focused entertainment. Using Hiber, users can create their own games on any mobile device without needing to learn programming.

TikTok is a competitor for user-generated games

Hiber is an app that lets people create and publish user-generated games on the web. Hiber’s audience is comprised of a diverse group of teenagers who create and play experiences that range from virtual worlds to playgrounds to speed-run challenges. The platform features social features and allows users to interact with one another. Currently, Hiber’s users have created more than one million experiences in the app. The company focuses on removing friction between the self-expression and monetization sides of game development.

Hiber’s platform democratizes the creation of social games and immersive experiences by giving the power to consumers. Users are free to join the Hiber community and create content without any programming knowledge. Hiber is also designed to foster social interaction, so creating a game or content is easy and fun. In addition, users can earn money through their creativity.

Hiber’s Series A funding round is led by EQT Ventures. The company has raised $20 million total and will use the money to accelerate its growth. The new funding will help Hiber continue to develop its platform and create more user-generated content. EQT Ventures, CMT Digital, Bumble Ventures, and Konvoy Ventures also participated in the round

Hiber’s team came together from the ad tech world and saw the intersection of creativity and entertainment. The company formally launched in 2017, and has a growing team of 35. It has already launched its app for Android devices. Hiber is working to create the next generation of user-generated games Businessworldfacts.

DecentWorld is a Swiss-owned metaverse platform

DecentWorld is an open metaverse platform that encourages a flourishing internal economy. This is important as the crypto market is overflowing with digital assets without specific uses, causing it to be a prime target for “pump and dump” traders. DecentWorld has calibrated its real estate NFT metaverse tokenomics with precision to foster a sustainable internal economy. Users can trade their digital assets on the P2P marketplace.

The idea behind DecentWorld was to bridge the physical and digital worlds and serve as a gateway for various digital experiences. It is estimated that the metaverse is set to generate trillions of dollars in value as a new content medium. This new medium is expected to redefine how we view and experience reality.

While blockchain technology is still a work in progress, many companies and governments are experimenting with it. DecentWorld is one of those examples, as it is built on the EOS blockchain. Users can use it to invest in a range of digital assets, including real estate, as well as participate in new virtual communities.

DecentWorld is committed to ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience for its users. The platform features KYC, user verification, two-factor authentication, and data privacy measures. Moreover, the platform offers a native currency, called DWRLD, which is an ERC-20-compliant utility token with a limited supply. In addition to these features, DecentWorld is also focused on providing users with a safe gaming experience Techlogicagte.

DecentWorld uses blockchain technology to enable decentralized transactions that empower communities to create value.Marketbusinessfacts The platform is a blockchain-based environment that offers users the opportunity to purchase digital real estate. DecentWorld launched March 1 and users have already begun to invest in it. The creators of DecentWorld say that this metaverse will revolutionize the blockchain industry

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