How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

You’ve probably heard of the business account on Pinterest but are not sure what it is or how you might set it up. There are three ways to set up a Pinterest business account. Creating a business account is free and will require a small ad spend. You will be billed when your ad spend reaches a certain threshold, which will increase as your business grows. You’ll be able to view all the statistics you’ve collected, and you’ll have the ability to control your branding and marketing.

Your business account on Pinterest must have a unique URL. It should include your business name and location. You should also have a description of your business, including a link to your website. Be aware that Pinterest has its own lingo – users are referred to as Pinners. You’ll want to make your business account unique to avoid being mistaken for someone else’s.

You can also set up a Pinterest business account if you already have an account. You can claim your Instagram, Etsy shop, and YouTube channel from Pinterest, but you can’t do that without first setting up a new account. Once you’ve created your business account, make sure your content is optimized for search. Using keywords helps people find your content when they search for a particular term.

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