Is Frozen Yogurt Good For You?

Frozen yogurt is commonly sold in cones or cups. Although it can be purchased from stores, you can also make it at home. It can be served as a drink or a dessert. Frozen yogurt is made from liquid milk, as well as powdered milk, which is referred to as milk solids. It is often sweetened with regular table sugar, as well as flavorings and stabilizers.

Frozen yogurt contains fewer calories than ice cream. It contains beneficial probiotic bacteria, lower lactose, and fewer calories than ice cream. Compared to ice cream, frozen yogurt also contains fewer calories and fewer fats than ice cream. In addition, some varieties contain beneficial bacteria and nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D. However, there is little evidence to support claims that frozen yogurt is good for you, and there are several factors to consider.

The chemical composition of frozen yogurt varies from brand to brand, and even country to country. Commercial frozen yogurt samples are typically higher in sugar than those made with milk. Table 4 lists the chemical composition of commercial samples. This information was provided by Tieszen KM and Baer RJ, 1989, Composition and microbiological quality of frozen yoghurt. This study did not test for other additives, such as sugar and preservatives.

According to TCBY, a popular frozen dessert company, frozen yogurt has recently been classified as a super-frozen dessert. This new classification contains elevated nutritional levels, and has many nutrients and dietary fiber. The TCBY company claims that their Super-Frozen Yogurt is “the food of the future.”

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