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Labor cost estimation of building a fiber cement steel frame house

will give the principle of calculating the construction of a house Will be calculated from the “floor plan” width (m.) x length (m.) = area size (square meter)

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  • Labor costs for daily technicians are approximately 2000 baht per square meter.

(Calculated from daily wages per person 400 baht)

  • Labor costs for contractors are approximately 3000 baht per square meter.

for normal work

  • Labor costs for contractors are approximately 4000 baht per square meter.

For detailed work or single-storey work, there is a deck.

Emphasis on detailed work The wages are more than 1 times the normal work.

Areas such as the South have wages as high as 5000 baht per sq m. because the cost of living is higher. double and technicians in the central region do not want to work far from home

Must provide an additional allowance of 150 baht/day (excluding wages), especially for islands, hills, or trucks in inaccessible areas.

  • Price per square meter is a comprehensive labor work.

Excluding electrical system wages

  • Labor costs for contractors in Bangkok and its vicinity, more than 500-1,000 baht per square meter. Because it is an urban area, there are many laws, difficult work, such as traffic jams, police inspecting the municipality, arresting civil
  • In the case of construction of more than 40 square meters or more, the cost of labor will be lower than this, depending on the agreement.

** This formula for calculating wages must have an area of ​​more than 6 square meters or more. If the house is too small, the cost is higher than the big house, causing the estimation to move.

6. Material cost estimation of fiber cement steel frame house

  • Small steel structure and thickness only 1.2-1.8 mm. without TIS and construction materials without TIS (no warranty)

Estimated material cost 5,000-7,000 baht/square meter

  • Steel structure of medium size and thickness 1.5-2.3 mm. Steel with TIS and construction materials with TIS. Ordinary grade materials. (with 3-5 years warranty)

Estimated material cost 7,000-8,000 baht/square meter

  • large steel structure Cross-sectional dimensions according to engineering standards and thickness 2.3-3.2 mm. Steel with TIS and construction materials with TIS. Material with Design or a special model (with a warranty of 7-15 years).

Estimated material cost 9,000-10,000 baht/square meter

price estimation Both material and labor cost: square meter

In the case of hiring a contractor only for wages by purchasing materials and inspecting the work themselves

Estimate the cost of materials + hire a contractor for labor only

8,000+3,000 = 11,000 baht/sq.m.

In the case of construction cost

by purchasing materials + hiring contractors only for labor + management costs

Estimate the cost of materials + hire a contractor for labor only +management fee

8,000+3,000+2,000 = 13,000 baht/sq.m.

Example of calculating labor cost + material cost

Steel frame and medium grade materials with TIS.

Size 55 sq m.

  • Material cost 6,000 baht/sq.m.

6,000x55 = 330,000 baht

  • Contractor fee 3,000 baht/sq.m.

3,000x55 = 165,000 baht

total material cost + Contractor wages

330,000 + 165,000 = 495,000 baht

The construction price is about 595,000 baht, period.

Build 1 month for about 6 technicians.

*** Selling price 195,000-215,000 baht.

Example of labor cost + material cost account from the actual creation

Steel frame and medium grade materials with TIS.

Size 3x5 = 15 sq m.

  • Estimated cost of materials 8,000 baht/square meter.

8,000x15 = 120,000 baht

  • Approximately the rental fee is 3,000 baht/square meter.
  • 3,000x15 = 45,000 baht
  • Including the cost of materials. + Contractor wages
  • 120,000 + 45,000 = 165,000 baht

From experience Small houses look cheap, high cost, low profit.

Big house looks expensive, low cost, high profit.

In the case of an area of ​​more than 40 square meters or more, the average cost of materials will be reduced because the walls are used together and the roof is the same piece. Joint power system, common foundation

7. Where to buy construction materials get quality and cheap

Global House is a large construction material store with SCG, a major shareholder. Global House’s selling price will be cheap if the price includes Vat without: 79% more.

small house building materials Or a knock-down house with all of them, including steel, fiber cement. Bathroom equipment, electrical systems, tools and necessary equipment

Advantages of Global House almost every province This gives us the exact same material price, allowing us to estimate the material cost. No need to stock up on large quantities of materials. What province do we go to make customers? went to buy a branch in that province No need to transport materials to pay for fuel.

Unlike small material stores that sell different prices, they can’t control material costs. If you compare Global department stores, like Big C, Lotus retailers, they sell at a cheap price.

Homepro department store will have outstanding products such as tiles and sanitary ware, UPVC/PVC doors, lamps with prices including Vat, not adding more. The selling price is cheap enough with Global House. but has a more luxurious style

The advantage of HomePro is that it has branches in almost every province. The price is the same for all branches This allows us to control material costs. Build a province, buy that province.

Another department store that we recommend is Dohome. The designs and products are cheap, close to Global House, but the number of branches is not as many. May not be convenient in the case of building all over the country

*** Author’s purchase system for building materials: in case of accepting work throughout the country

  • Almost all construction materials and equipment are purchased. at the Global House
  • Ceramic tile, sanitary ware, bathroom decoration, and doors can be bought at HomePro.

*** Emphasize the selection of construction equipment, should check the price in many places Because some materials of modern trade department stores are more expensive. Stores selling specialized materials, for example, electrical wiring systems.

SCG dealer shop or Home mart, suitable for projects that require a large number of ceilings, walls, floors, and roofs.

Problems when building multiple houses Global House’s products may be out of stock and it’s unclear when they will be replenished.

The advantage of SCG agents is that they can request a project price. causing the price of materials to be lower; there are project staff to take care of In the case of a product with a production cycle Employees can request Cells that can take care of notifying the manufacturing plant In the event that the product is out of stock

***In case of project work more than 10 houses, if it is structural steel and truss, must order

The same steel dealer If a large amount can be negotiated in kg.

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