Press Releases: Including Photos and Videos

As a marketer, you might have some doubts whether it is normal to include photo/video content in press releases. In order to answer this question, you need to have a clear idea of what distribution services you are going to use for your press release.

What Do We Call a Press Release?

A press release is considered an official company’s statement to the local/international media. The goal of a press release is to inform the public about important brand’s news. A press release is an efficient marketing tool used by many companies. In order to achieve the desired results, a company should follow certain rules, which we are going to discover below.

What Press Release Rules Do You Need To Follow?

The main rule of a press release, it should be interesting, informative, and newsworthy. You can devote your press release to a new product/service launch, upcoming events, new staff hiring, etc. Such information can be considered relevant and newsworthy. Remember that your press release and a marketing piece are not the same.

The Definition of Distribution Services

When we speak about press releases, we should have a clear understanding of what distribution service is. It is a special database where you, as a marketer, are able to download your press release in order to make it available to the target audience. All distribution services can be divided into two categories: paid and free of charge. You should choose the category depending on the distribution quality you require.

It is a common practice when journalists lack time, which motivates them to use such distribution services in order to look for interesting stories. It is very convenient to search for captivating stories and publish them in their journals, magazines, and blogs. Your task is to write a press release related to the target audience, find the suitable distribution services, and get noticed by the readers.

Why Do You Need To Issue Press Releases via Distribution Services?

When you write a press release, you would like it to be published in the media. Such distribution services can help a business owner reach the needed audience. Many journalists are interested in using the story in your press release in order to write their posts and engage the readers. If your press release story sounds interesting, it has all the chances to become an article and get published. Thousands of people will read about your brand news. As a result, you will achieve traffic and brand awareness.

What Features Can Distribution Services Offer?

The features may vary depending on the cost of the distribution services you choose. If you prefer using free distribution services, you should not have too high expectations. In the case of choosing paid distribution services, you have a chance to include public relations images, logos, or video content to increase your chances to get more attention.

What Is the Purpose of Using Media in Press Releases?

If you plan to include media in your release, you must have enough budget for such a campaign. The charges for paid distribution service may vary, so you need to count all the expenses carefully. Remember that releases, which include photo/video content are 7 times likely to be published in well-known publications. Make your choice smartly to achieve the goals!

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