The Incredible Kawaii School Supplies Product I Can’t Live Without

Kawaii school supplies shopping is a favorite aspect of the back-to-school season. No reason you can’t receive adorable scented erasers, glitter pens, and a glittery notepad instead of the standard “pencils, notebooks, pencil case.” We’ve put together a list of adorable back-to-school goods to help you get off on the right foot.

Pencil Set for Sketching and Coloring

With this charming pencil set, you’ll have everything you need to start your back-to-school shopping. Three #2 graphite pencils (essential for school), 24 rainbow-colored pencils (ideal for school projects and artwork), and a pencil sharpener are all included in this colorful package. You’ll never run out of pencils again! Pencils…check!

Classic Chunkies Paint Sticks

Who knows what you’ll need to make in art class, scientific projects, or posters? A simple and mess-free solution is at hand… Sticks with chunks of paint! In terms of a paper’s best friend, Chunkies wins hands down. The six hues of the rainbow are included in the Classics bundle. When two or more colors are mixed, a new color may be created! What about a few additional hues? Look at the Chunkies Variety Pack, which contains metallic and bright colors, or the Chunkies Original Pack.

Mini Magic Liners 

Everyone wants to erase their errors, regardless of whether they are a student or a teacher. This pack of six highlighters has a hidden feature. Use your preferred colors to highlight critical assignment texts or to color-code a list. No issue if you want to remove color! There are a lot of erasers.

Graphite Mermaid Pencils

All you fans of mermaids, take note! These mermaid-themed #2 graphite pencils are just too adorable to use!. You won’t have to worry about running out of mermaid-themed pencils, thanks to this 12-pack! We also have 12-pack themes for Monsters, Sweet Things, Comic Attack, and Unique Unicorns if Mermaids aren’t your thing. It’s great for both school and plays!

Gel pens scented

Look no farther for charming school supplies! Scented Glitter Gel Pens from Yummy Yummy may brighten up your notes in the classroom. These 12 glittering inks have a smooth gel formula, each with a distinct fruity aroma. This year’s students will appreciate having these gel pens on hand.

Repair the Damage: Patches

Get ready for the new school year in your unique way! Do you prefer a simple denim jacket or a backpack? There will be no more! You may make your appearance your own by selecting one of 16 cute patch sets. All three themed patches in each set are very well-made, with finely-detailed designs and vivid colors. Out of This World, GRL PWR, or Creative Fuel are just a few possibilities. Try Unicorn Pals, Sleepy Sloths, or Nom Nom Narwhals if you’re an animal lover. Your originality is ready for you to show it off with a simple application of fabric adhesive, stitching, or ironing.

Adorable Erasers

Errors will be corrected thanks to the prettiest erasers ever! Countless options! Some examples are three frosted doughnuts with unicorn-horned frosting, three out-of-this-world Astronaut Erasers, or three vanilla-scented mermaid kittens protecting a little treasure. Among our 22 different erasers, there’s one for every taste and aesthetic preference. ItIt’s the moment to get rid of anything depressing! Cuteness is all the rage these days!

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