Tricks to Induce Positivity in Students While Keeping the Class Interesting

It is proven in several studies that the human mind is very powerful and it can do anything but what controls it is perception. Ants always win from their enemies, although they are not very giant physically but their positive attitude is giant and they invoke this positive attitude and win the wars in a jiffy with their opponents. The same thing rules in the education sector also. Tutors need to make students understand their attitude is directly related to their capacity of accomplishment of task. Human mind can make impossible things possible just because of a positive attitude. So much burden that too in this age sometimes breaks the confidence level of the students, they start to think negatively of themselves. Negative thoughts are like a cage which imprisons students in his or own mind and makes them powerless so whenever they see any task, they will refuse to accept it as they think they cannot do it. Here tutors play a very significant role. Tutors can take the whole matter of this negativity into their hands and fix it by inducing a positive attitude in the students just like the school information management system which manages complete flow of information among all the departments of school. Let’s understand how it can be done. Keeping this in mind tutors should remember that students always imitate their tutors and parents. Positive attitude is contagious so positive thinking always gives positive results and it will put a good effect on a kid’s mind if kids or students see that positive attitude of their parents’ tutors always gives positive results. Tutors need to make students give presentations on the lesson they have prepared and make them face the mob of class and should strictly instruct their classmates and let them commit mistakes so that at least they can muster the courage to take initiative. Tutors should assist the students just like LMS portal assist students in online learning.

Positivity works more effectively when class is interesting as per the view of students. And to make the class interesting totally depends upon the tutors just like proper working of all departments of school depends upon the school information management system. Usually, people think that failing only students suffers but this is very hurtful to the teacher also because he/she prepares the lessons with dedication. Some students get success and some do not, so let’s talk about those strategies which can bring joy and interest to the students in the class. When there will be some sense of mystery in lessons then students will be anxious to know what is going to be the next details in the chapter. When the teacher is about to teach a new lesson then he or she should give some clues to the students and let them guess the lesson. This will bring some interest in the students. To make students revise the lessons is something very good but reteaching again and again is something which can bore any student in the class. In fact, students can review the lessons by playing a review game by dividing the students into two teams. Now this has become something interesting for students. 

Everyone knows that students like games then why not incorporate learning into games. One thing which always bothers students is that they are never in charge of their learning. So why not give charge to the students once? Teachers should follow the strategy to give chances to the students to make their own choices. So, tutors should put the choices on white/black board for the students whenever the next time any activity is planned so that students can enjoy the activity of their choice. Today nothing is far away from technology then why does the education sector lag behind? So, these days the whole education system is running on online learning and tools having technical support like the LMS portal so teachers should leave traditional methods and incorporate smartboard to teach which makes students enjoy because the teacher can give his slide show presentations also with animation which brings interest of the students in the learning. As a tutor your belief in the student and your attitude towards your student matters a lot. Show your student that you are the biggest fan of his/her efforts and zeal to win. Your trust in him/her will increase his/her wish to fight with full strength and win. Every student likes to be rewarded so never forget to reward the efforts of your student, this gives a confidence to the student to perform well and a good feeling that his/her efforts are not un-recognized.

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