What Does SIG Stand For on My Digital Watch?

Many people are wondering what SIG stands for on their digital watch. While it’s not a real word, it can be a confusing acronym. Here are a few things to know. SIG stands for Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft, which means Swiss Industrial Company in German. The letter S is a shortened version of this name. You can find the SIG in your watch by looking at the alarm setting.

SIG stands for hourly chime on g-shock watches. The word “asia” stands for “Asia-Pacific region,” which includes countries and regions in Asia, except for Japan. SIG also stands for “hourly time signal,” which is a function available in Casio’s GA-100. The hourly chime setting, which can be turned on and off on the main screen, sounds an alarm that repeats every five minutes.

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SG stands for “signaling” in Latin. Whenever a drug label includes the SG symbol, it is a sign that the pharmacy should include that information. This ensures the safety of the patient. “sig” is also a reference to Sif, a goddess of the earth and wife of the god Thor. She’s best known for her golden hair and is the mother of the goddesses Ullr and Thrudr.

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