What Is a Full Help Law Office?

In law practice, the term “full help” can refer to a variety of different services. The scope of these services depends on the size of the firm, the type of legal services provided, and the number of staff members. Some firms choose to have a full-time office manager, while others opt to keep the administrative work in-house and roll marketing into the office manager role. In general, a full-help law office means that the office manager oversees all aspects of the law firm, from hiring attorneys to running marketing and advertising.

In addition to hiring an outside consultant to create a business plan for the firm, a law firm should consider getting help from outside sources for marketing and financial expertise. Kimberly Bennett, who co-founded K Bennett Law LLC, developed a business model where clients pay a fixed monthly amount rather than the entire fee. Additionally, she developed a procedure manual for her law firm to ensure consistency in work, simplifying the onboarding process for new staff, and promote the growth of the firm.

A full help law office can sustain a consistent volume of work across multiple legal practice areas. This helps them charge higher rates than boutique law firms because they can afford to hire competitive applicants. Additionally, boutiques may lose clients who are hesitant to hire a new lawyer. A full-help law office can handle a broad spectrum of clients, from corporate clients to individuals with a wide variety of legal needs.

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