What Is It Like Being a Big Law Lawyer?

What is it like to be a Big Law lawyer? Biglaw attorneys are surrounded by highly educated mentors, and they are expected to project a professional demeanor. The stress of constant contact with these people is exhausting, but the rewards are worth it. However, biglaw is not for everyone. There are many reasons that don’t make Biglaw an appealing career choice, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Working at a Big Law firm requires copious amounts of research and reading. You’ll parse through all kinds of documents and proofread tons of them. Attorneys spend the majority of their day reading – often extremely complex materials. Biglaw firms also have gyms on-site and offer memberships for below market rates. Many firms also provide a generous dinner allowance that can run up to $25 a person.

TV shows have sold us the image of law firm work as a high-paying, high-stress job with long hours and intense negotiations. The reality is that most BigLaw work is boring and repetitive. Even the biggest cases can be dull, and preparing for a trial requires hundreds of hours of tedious work. The work environment at BigLaw is not for everyone. If you’re a working mom who wants to get a taste of BigLaw, it may not be for you.

In large law firms, attorneys represent large corporations. The cases handled by these firms often involve two large companies. This means that there are people with lots of money and people without as much money. Unfortunately, the justice system favors the rich over the low-income. For this reason, a large law firm may not be the right choice for you. It may be the right fit for someone with a sensitive personality.

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