What Is the Law on Buying Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

Buying magic mushrooms in Canada is done covertly and as much as possible away from the law. But despite that the item is banned, you can still find plenty of physical and online dispensaries serving shrooms.

Does this mean that it is legal to buy shrooms? 

Simply buying, selling, or distributing psychedelic mushrooms is illegal in Canada. It is due to its active substance, psilocybin.

Psilocybin is labelled as a Schedule III drug since it can potentially cause abuse. In addition, there were no therapeutic claims or value to using shrooms. 

However, like most things, the law embraces change in a slow-paced way. Health Canada currently permits licensed professionals to use psilocybin as a patient’s therapy.

This new therapy aims to help drug-resistant depression. In addition, the treatment applies to other mental health disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse.

But it is crucial to remember that being part of the treatment program means having to pass the strict criteria first. Also, it doesn’t allow the recreational use of mushrooms.

Why are Magic Mushrooms Loved?

Shrooms have been a go-to drug after cannabis and LSD. It contains the psychedelic substances psilocybin and psilocybin, which are responsible for the hallucinogenic effects.

People have been using shrooms for a long time. It is often associated with indigenous rituals and ceremonies. They are for healing and a means of communication with god.

In modern times, shrooms are used recreationally as a means of relaxation and escape from reality. It is said to lift one’s mood and help one find oneself when taken in the proper dosage.

Also, shrooms are available in nature, so you do not need to buy them all the time. You can quickly go mushroom hunting if you live in an area suitable for its growth.

What Does the Law Say?

Today, it is illegal to produce, possess, and obtain mushrooms containing psilocybin. According to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, magic mushrooms are a type of substance under the Schedule III category. However, patients with valid prescriptions may purchase psilocybin mushrooms from authorized Canadian sellers.

Another group that’s allowed to have access to psychedelic mushrooms is researchers. They can use them to conduct clinical trials that will benefit the public.

History of Shroom Use

When Life magazine published Robert Gordon Wasson’s work, mushrooms started to gain popularity. It led people from Canada and other parts of the world to travel to Mexico.

They wanted to experience the shamanic and hallucinogenic trip that Wasson described in his article. Hence, they get to experience the effects and learn more about them.

People soon discovered that these types of mushrooms could be found locally. They realized that these are naturally-occurring psychedelics that are present on all continents.

In Canada, they became popular in the mid-60s. It was part of the hippie movement up until the early 70s. They mostly consumed liberty caps, which increased on pasture lands and fields.

Psychotropic substance use was restricted when the 1971 Convention listed psilocybin as a Schedule I drug. That means it is a highly restrictive substance; even its use in experiments and studies was banned.

In 1974, Canada prohibited the use of the compound psilocybin. However, mushrooms were not part of the law. Therefore, Canadians were allowed to harvest shrooms as long as they were not dehydrated.

However, in 1982, the Supreme Court of Canada stated that even raw mushrooms have psilocybin. Hence, it became illegal.

Law Today

Magic mushrooms in Canada are still considered illegal, but scientists and researchers are allowed to conduct studies today. In addition, the drug is listed as Schedule III.

Scheduled III drugs mean the law regulates them. Only authorized individuals like doctors, veterinarians, and patients with prescriptions are allowed to have access to psilocybin.

However, patients requesting a prescription for psilocybin must disclose if they have taken any narcotics within the last 30 days. 

Sprouting Everywhere

Despite the legal status, you can find numerous online dispensaries offering shrooms. Even if you do not have a prescription, you can purchase them as long as you are of legal age (19 years and above).

The authorities are aware of the existence of magic mushroom shops everywhere. However, they focus their time and resources on busting hard drugs like opioids instead. In addition, as more studies show the positive benefits of shrooms, the more likely it is to shed light on their use.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can go around selling, buying, or using shrooms. You still have to use them discreetly.

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

You can find plenty of magic mushrooms online, but you must be careful where you purchase them. Just because they exist doesn’t mean their products are good.

Check out their website and read reviews of their products. In addition, see what people say on online forums or communities.

One place to safely get shrooms is Zoomies Canada. They offer various products, from dried shrooms to edibles. Check them out and enjoy discounts and offers on their site.

The Future of Magic Mushrooms

Currently, psilocybin is a treatment for patients with certain mental illnesses. But people look forward to the complete legalization of mushrooms.

They are discreetly available online and are legally accepted as a treatment. It may take a while, but magic mushrooms may soon be available recreationally like cannabis.

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