Why Are Gen Z And Millennials Turning To CBD Products?

Young minds are mostly inclined to fascinating things that amaze them. They are always hunting for new and unique things to gain a lifetime of experience. It is why Gen Z and Millennials are looking out for fascinating things to develop their interest. Cannabidiol is one of them.

The potential therapeutic and medicinal properties of cannabidiol have led young people to think about the mind-blowing characteristics of this cannabinoid. Not just this, various other factors determine why this particular compound is making heads turn worldwide.

Not to forget, it is probably one of the conditions that satisfy the legal criteria for CBD to be permissible. Nevertheless, let us read about the fascinating characteristics of CBD and why young adults are shifting towards it.

Cannabidiol and its infused products

Before we learn why CBD products are becoming popular among Gen Z and millennials, we must understand the real deal about this cannabinoid.

For starters, CBD is a cannabinoid found among the hundreds of cannabinoids in the cannabis species, particularly in the hemp plant. Even though cannabidiol is associated with cannabis, it differs from previously known cannabinoids like THC, Delta-8, and Delta-10.

Most consumers regard CBD products to be mild and therapeutically effective. Unlike other cannabinoids, individuals that used CBD claimed it to be gentle and not overpowering like other cannabinoids.

Different individuals prefer CBD-infused products according to their requirements and preferences. With that said, there are multiple products infused with CBD extract. There are gummies, oils, tinctures, capsules, vape juices, and topical skin creams.

Reasons why Gen Z and Millennials are turning to CBD products

CBD may have the characteristics to heal and relieve several body ailments and concerns. From relieving pain to providing moisturization to the skin, there could be an endless list of potential benefits of cannabidiol.

Let us discuss the reasons that are attracting the attention of youth.

It is not like THC

Delta 9 THC has been the area of attraction for most cannabis enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the psychoactive properties of this cannabinoid are a discriminating factor that gives CBD an upper hand.

One primary reason cannabidiol is attracting much attention is that the cannabinoid offers the potential benefits of THC while being gentle and non-psychotropic.

It explains why young individuals prefer CBD over THC. This cannabinoid may provide them therapeutic and medicinal properties without inducing a high.

May provide physical and mental relief.

It is a common observation that today’s young generation is more prone to stress-related disorders like anxiety and depression. Not just this, a poor lifestyle has led them to develop muscular and joint pain. It could be a probable reason for them to prefer cannabidiol-infused products.

CBD may have potential anxiolytic and analgesic properties. It means the cannabinoid may be effective against anxious thoughts while also providing body comfort. This way, CBD products may relieve both physical and mental ailments.

It may have therapeutic benefits.

It has become a seemingly difficult task to find moments of relaxation. Middle-aged individuals and young adults struggle with disturbing peace and sleep.

It brings us to realize how CBD products might help in this situation. The compound’s potential calming and soothing properties may be beneficial in providing relaxation and calmness to an individual. Apart from this, the potential sedative properties of CBD may induce a relaxed mental state for an individual to fall asleep faster.

Federally legal

Even though both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, the former is still considered illegal in the United States, mainly because of its psychotropic properties.

This particular property of cannabidiol makes it federally legal to distribute and consume. However, the only condition is that it should contain no more than 0.3% of THC. Nevertheless, one reason most Gen Z and Millennials are drawn toward this cannabinoid is its potential therapeutic benefits without feeling the psychoactive effects.

Available in an assortment of products

Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD products are available in various products ranging from edibles to vaping juices and topical creams. It gives people more freedom to choose from different cannabidiol-infused products.

CBD edibles come as oils, tinctures, energy drinks, and gummies. These edible products are infused with fascinating flavors to make them attractive and palatable. Most individuals prefer flavored CBD gummies as they are convenient and beginner-friendly.

Can CBD cause addiction?

One point that concerns many individuals is whether cannabidiol products cause addiction or not?

According to the current information on CBD, it is unlikely to cause addiction or product dependency when used appropriately and in safety measures.

The cannabinoid does not induce a high, which is also a bonus for most young adults. Nevertheless, even though CBD products might not cause addiction, one should be careful while consuming them to avoid side effects. Let us learn about them.

Potential adverse effects of CBD to look out for

Like other cannabinoids, CBD may also show some side effects for specific individuals. Even though these effects may be mild, they might be severe for some. Nevertheless, they are usually less intense as compared to THC.

Whether you are a Gen Z or a Millennial, you can still catch on the side effects of CBD if not appropriately consumed. However, One can avoid the side effects of consuming CBD with proper precaution and dosing options.

CBD may have the following side effects –

  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Increased appetite
  • Excessive sleep
  • Drowsiness

In case of a severe reaction, it is advised to see a health specialist immediately and discontinue usage.

The bottom line

Although we have managed to cover as many reasons why Gen Z and Millennials are turning to CBD products as possible, there might be several other reasons why the cannabinoid is growing popular among young adults.

Nevertheless, only an individual who has crossed 21 years of age is allowed to consume a CBD product. One should research the cannabinoid and ensure other CBD-related criteria before making their first purchase.

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